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Ores of iron aluminum gold silver are examples of metallic minerals. Diamond slat potash etc. are examples of nonmetallic minerals. This was a brief about metallic and nonmetallic minerals if you are looking for detailed study material on the topic then register yourself on Vedantu or download Vedantu learning app for class 610 IIT JEE and NEET.

1 Ores and minerals Metals occur in nature sometimes in

2.1 Ores and minerals Metals occur in nature sometimes in free or native state but most of these occur in nature in the form of chemical combination i.e. in the form of their stable compounds which are associated with gangue or matrix. The earthy impurities such as sand clay rocks etc. associated with ore are collectively known as gangue or matrix. Thus a large number of metals in nature

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Bauxite is a nonferrous metallic mineral. It is the ore from which aluminium metal is produced. Aluminium extracted from the ore is used in making aeroplanes electrical appliances and goods household fittings utensils etc. Bauxite is also used for manufacturing of white colour cement and certain chemicals. Indias reserves of bauxite of

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Table 1 Metallic minerals for other uses than metal production. Mineral Metal Produced Nonmetallic Use Bauxite Al Refractories Chromite Cr Refractories Chemicals Magnetite Fe Pigment Zircon Zr Refractories Beryl Be Gemstone Refractory Ore with a high aluminium oxide (the sum Cr 2 O 3 and Al 2 O 3 is more than 59%) would be suitable for the

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All of the metallic ores such as magnetite pyrite bauxite hematite etc. can be called metallic minerals. NonMetallic Minerals These minerals do not contain any metals so they generally have nonmetallic physical properties. Though we cannot extract metals from these minerals nonmetallic minerals are still of immense use to humankind. Silica is one of the most abundant nonmetallic minerals and is used

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Hydrothermal ores are natural economically valuable concentrations of metallic minerals whose origins can be directly tied to the physical and chemical actions of hot aqueous fluids within the Earths crust. Hydrothermal ores are ideally distinguished from those that form by other geological processes including magmatic ores (formed by segregation from a melt) sedimentary ores (formed by